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About the UK Vining Pea Industry

Every year in the UK we aim to produce over 130,000 tonnes of vining peas for freezing and canning, with smaller amounts going into the fresh market, on about 35,000 hectares of land mainly down our unique eastern facing seaboard. We are the largest single producer of vining peas in Europe, and our quality product is loved by British consumers. 

It is an important crop in the rotation of many growers providing an excellent break crop with the added benefit of helping to provide nitrogen in the soil for the following crop. Over the years there has been much consolidation in the growing and processing sectors with each industry scaling to adjust to supply the customers requirements. 

Now there are twenty grower groups supplying peas into eight factories up the east coast from East Anglia to Dundee. Behind all of these groups are dedicated managers, owners and growers who work to get the best peas from the land into the factories as quickly as possible.

The 2015 UK Vining Pea Conference was the first cross industry event to look at every aspect of the process. It attracted managers and growers from pea groups as well as agricultural and field staff from the processing industry. There was also plenty to interest from the commercial departments of processing companies as well as the seed houses, crop input companies, machinery and affiliated industries. The event will next take place in November 2017.

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